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5 Best Legal Podcasts in Australia That Can Help You Through Your Family Law Matters

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Family law podcasts are an excellent source of information. We’ve compiled five legal podcasts that provide vital advice and support. Whether you’re part of the legal profession or experiencing family law matters, there’s something for you.

What are the 5 best family law podcasts?

  1. Inside Family Law Podcast
  2. Lawyerist Podcast
  3. The Family Matters Show
  4. The Divorce Course Podcast
  5. Pathways Through The System: Navigating Australian Family Law

5 best legal podcasts in australia

1. Inside Family Law Podcast

The Inside Family Law Podcast, hosted by Zoë Durand, is a deep dive into the complexities of family law. It offers engaging conversations with judges, experts, barristers, and lawyers. This podcast is a vital resource for anyone interested in the nuances of family law.

It provides unique insights and perspectives from the front lines of the legal world. It’s one of our favourite family law podcasts. It stands out to us for its educational value and the calibre of its guests.

Inside Family Law Podcast

What the Podcast Covers

  • Interviews with prominent figures in the legal field. This includes The Honourable Mark La Poer Trench and The Honourable Peter Rose OM QC.
  • Discussions on critical topics. Subjects include children’s wishes in legal proceedings, self-represented litigants, and family law reform.
  • This report provides insights into international child abduction and innovative approaches to divorce. It also highlights upcoming trends like Divorce Hotels in Australia.

Three Standout Features

  1. Expert Insights. The podcast features a range of legal experts. Listeners get a comprehensive understanding of family law from various professional perspectives.
  2. Relevant Topics. This book covers timely and relevant issues within family law. This includes proposed reforms and international legal challenges. It’s useful for anyone wanting to stay informed on current trends.
  3. Accessible Format. Zoë Durand has a conversational style. This format makes complex legal topics, like legal ethics, accessible and engaging for a broad audience. It offers something for regular people and legal professionals.

2. Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast is a forward-thinking legal podcast that delves into the future of lawyering and law practice. Hosted by the Lawyerist team, it offers weekly insights. It features engaging discussions with successful lawyers, legal scholars, and other creative individuals. Its guests are those influencing the legal industry’s evolution.

This podcast is essential for legal professionals seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing field. It provides crucial advice and perspectives on law firm management and innovation.

Lawyerist Podcast

What the Podcast Covers

  • Interviews with successful lawyers and business and leadership authors.
  • Strategy and coaching call with Lawyerist Lab members.
  • Discussions on trends, tactics, and innovations shaping the legal industry.

Three Standout Features

  1. Diverse Perspectives. The podcast brings together various voices from the legal field, giving you a spectrum of insights and experiences.
  2. Future-Oriented Topics. It focuses on the future of law practice. It explores innovative strategies and emerging trends. These are critical for legal professionals and law students to understand.
  3. Practical Advice. Beyond theoretical discussions, the podcast provides actionable advice and strategies. Lawyers can implement these in their practices to drive success and adapt to industry changes.

3. The Family Matters Show

“The Family Matters Show” addresses individuals’ questions and concerns with divorce or separation. People are often hesitant to involve lawyers prematurely. For that audience, this podcast is extremely helpful. There’s expert advice and insights into navigating these challenging life events.

It focuses on providing clear, compassionate guidance, making it a worthy addition to Australia’s best family law podcasts.

The Family Law Matters Show

What the Podcast Covers

  • Expert discussions on various aspects of divorce and separation.
  • Guidance on legal and emotional concerns related to family matters.
  • Practical advice for individuals navigating the complexities of family law.

Three Standout Features

  1. Expertise. The podcast uses the knowledge of family law experts to provide listeners with reliable and insightful advice.
  2. Accessibility. It offers a platform for individuals to understand family law matters without the immediate need to engage a lawyer.
  3. Supportive Approach. The show addresses listeners’ questions and concerns with empathy and expertise. It’s a crucial support for those going through personal upheavals.

4. The Divorce Course Podcast

The Divorce Course Podcast educates, empowers, and equips parties going through a divorce. The podcast aims to make this challenging journey easier. It’s a blend of legal expertise and empathetic guidance. Lyn Galvin and Laura Furiosi host the show. They’re a mother-daughter team who decided to start their own legal podcast.

The hosts demystify the divorce process through their unique perspectives. Lyn clarifies the process using her decades of legal experience, and Laura provides an inside look through her experience as a mother who went through a divorce. Together, they give listeners the confidence to face this daunting life event.

The Divorce Course Podcast

What the Podcast Covers

  • Practical tips for a smoother divorce journey. It focuses on maintaining control and making informed decisions.
  • In-depth discussions on managing divorce costs and understanding legal expenses.
  • Insights into what “best interests of the children” means in Family Court and divorce proceedings.

Three Standout Features

  1. Expert and Empathetic Guidance. Lyn has legal expertise, and Laura has an educational background and personal experience. This offers a unique and supportive perspective.
  2. Comprehensive Support. The podcast covers a wide range of topics. There’s practical advice and emotional support. It caters to the diverse needs of those going through a divorce.
  3. Accessibility and Empowerment. The aim is to remove the fear of the unknown in divorce proceedings. The hosts give listeners the knowledge and tools to face their situation confidently.

5. Pathways Through The System: Navigating Australian Family Law

“Pathways Through The System: Navigating Australian Family Law” offers invaluable insights. It expertly addresses its complexities and challenges. The podcast collaborates with New Way Lawyers, Greater Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network, and Relationships Australia.

It provides integrated solutions and better outcomes for individuals with family law issues. Award-winning lawyer Carolyn Devries hosts it. The podcast features dramatised case studies and expert panel discussions. This innovative approach is helpful for professionals and individuals seeking guidance.

Pathways Through The System: Navigating Australian Family Law

What the Podcast Covers

  • Realistic case studies illustrate common challenges faced in the family law system.
  • Expert legal discussions provide integrated responses to the case studies. The panellists offer a multidimensional perspective on each issue.
  • The podcast covers many topics. This includes children’s wishes in family separations, domestic violence, surrogacy, support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, property settlements, parenting arrangements, and elder law.

Three Standout Features

  1. Integrated Expertise. The podcast’s panel of experts takes a holistic approach to family law issues, providing listeners with comprehensive and multifaceted insights.
  2. Educational Value. The podcast, focusing on real-life scenarios and expert analysis, is an educational tool. It targets professionals and individuals, enhancing their understanding of family law.
  3. Diverse Topics. The podcast covers a wide array of subjects related to family law. This ensures relevance and valuable information on various aspects of the legal system.


Family law is a broad and complex field. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of family law podcasts to help educate and support you through the process. The podcasts in our list provide diverse benefits. You can stay updated on legal news.

We also have a blog about the 6 Best Helpful Books to Read When Going Through a Divorce. Feel free to check that out.

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