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7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Family Lawyer Near Me

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How to find the best family lawyer near me?

What makes an expert in family law? The best family lawyers in this area can help with family law proceedings relating to divorce, property settlements, child custody, parenting matters, and more. Family law firms may also advise on international family law matters, such as overseas child abduction cases.

Carefully choosing a professional family lawyer near me is essential, as they will help you through a challenging period of your life. Many factors determine the quality of an attorney. Consider these points so you can hire someone with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle your family law matter.

Key Takeaways 7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Family Lawyer Near Me

  1. The best family lawyers possess expertise in divorce, property settlements, child custody, and international family law matters.
  2. Online reviews offer valuable insights into a family law firm’s services, but analysing positive and negative feedback is essential.
  3. Personal recommendations from friends or colleagues can provide trusted insights into a lawyer’s performance and professionalism.
  4. A law firm’s website can reveal its specialisation, professionalism, and membership in legal associations like the Queensland Law Society.
  5. It is vital to choose a lawyer with relevant family law experience tailored to your specific situation, from property settlements to child support.
  6. Effective communication, openness, and transparency are crucial qualities in a family lawyer, ensuring they address your concerns and provide clear advice.
  7. A clear and reasonable fee structure is essential, with lawyers ideally striving to minimise expenses and avoid costly court visits.
  8. Personal compatibility between the client and lawyer is crucial, especially in sensitive cases, ensuring trust and mutual understanding.
  9. The right family lawyer should approach matters with empathy, understanding, and a genuine interest in the client’s wellbeing.


Nathan Batley review of Shanahan Family Law (The best family lawyer near me)1. Check online reviews

Online reviews provide a good insight into a firm’s family law services. Online reviews can be helpful in several ways if you view them with the right mindset.

Some may conclude a family law firm is worthy based solely on its star rating. It’s certainly fair to say that a high star rating is a must. However, your analysis should be more nuanced. Look at what the reviewers say. Are certain matters consistently mentioned across many reviews? Reviews might comment on a lack of communication or unreasonable fees.

The more you find a consensus forming, the more valuable the insight.

It’s also worth looking at a range of reviews from positive to negative, as focusing on one end of the spectrum or the other may give you a skewed perspective. Assess the bad and good qualities mentioned by the reviews to determine if the family law firm is worth further investigating.


2. Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations

While online reviews can provide helpful information, no testimony holds more weight than the opinions of friends and family. If a friend, colleague, or loved one has interacted with a family lawyer near me, ask them about their experience. Some questions you might consider asking are:

  • Was the lawyer a good communicator?
  • Were their fees reasonable?
  • Were they understanding and sympathetic to your situation?
  • Were they well-versed on the issues at hand?
  • Did they provide sound family law advice?
  • Did they explain your options and the legal process clearly?

3. Read the attorney’s website

The law firm’s website is your best source of information regarding their legal services. Ask yourself if they present themselves as a specialist in your area of concern. Also, the content on their website will tell you something about their professionalism.

  • Are there spelling mistakes and grammatical errors all over the place?
  • Is their content written in a professional tone, or is it casual?
  • Do they explain legal terms and areas of family law clearly and informatively, or are they vague and evasive?
  • Are they member of the Queensland Law Society?

Of course, we all try to put our best foot forward on our own websites. However, details like these tend to slip out, which will all tell you how they operate as a lawyer.

4. Find out what type of family law experience they have

It’s crucial to not only find a lawyer with family law expertise but who has experience relevant to your situation. Perhaps you are going through a divorce and have children to consider. Has the attorney handled divorce proceedings involving child support matters and custody issues?

Your former partner may have become disagreeable and is trying to cheat you out of your share of the marriage’s asset pool. Whether or not you contributed financially to the marriage, you still have certain entitlements, and your lawyer should be able to fight to protect those rights.

Family law matters are complex, and multiple problems may crop up that you and your lawyer must resolve. Here’s a slice of the areas of family law issues that may be in play:

Family law experts should have the experience and capacity to handle them all.


5. Are they open and transparent?

Good communication is critical for a positive client-attorney relationship. Your lawyer should be open to responding to any questions you have and be able to provide clear independent legal advice. If you find they don’t have answers to your concerns, that may be a sign to go elsewhere.

Lawyers are busy and likely have other clients to care for, so your expectations should be reasonable. However, they should try to be available to meet with you when you need them. A lawyer who never seems able to see you is probably not in a position to advocate for you effectively.

An experienced lawyer is prepared to discuss all options available. Whether it’s going to court or alternative dispute resolution, they should be providing expert legal advice to find the right solution for you.


6. Reasonable fee structure for your family law matter

One critical area that lawyers should be open and transparent about is their fees. The requirements of your case may affect the fees they charge, and that’s not unusual. However, they should be prepared to quote you a price for their services upfront based on what you need. If they refuse to do so, that’s a major red flag.

Various factors can contribute to the cost of family lawyers. You may need to provide additional evidence to prove situations like ‘separation under one roof, which will increase legal fees accordingly. Perhaps you’re attempting to serve your former spouse with divorce papers, but you can’t locate them. In this case, further legal procedures will be necessary, which will incur a cost.

Good family law solicitors will do what they can to minimise your expenses. For example, if they can resolve your case without a costly visit to family court, they should.

Whatever your circumstances, your prospective lawyer should take the time to understand your situation in-depth and quote you a realistic fee.

7. Are they compatible with you? 

One crucial element people often overlook when finding a family lawyer is their compatibility. You will work closely with your attorney on some of the most personal issues in your life while you’re most emotionally vulnerable. It’s essential, then, that your attorney is someone you trust to take care of your legal concerns in a sensitive and empathetic way.

Here are a few things you might ask yourself:

  • Are they taking my concerns seriously, or are they dismissive?
  • Do they give me their full attention?
  • Are they trying to understand my unique circumstances?
  • Are they friendly and helpful?

Compatibility is especially vital if your case includes delicate topics such as domestic violence.

A lawyer’s demeanour can tell you much about how they will conduct themselves while handling your case. You want someone who has your best interests at heart and will advocate zealously on your behalf. If your instincts give you any pause for concern, that may indicate that you should move on.

Matters involving the Family Law Act are rarely straightforward. Having an accredited family law specialist on your side will make the whole experience much more bearable. Considering some fundamental aspects of top family lawyers, you can make a sensible decision regarding who you want to represent your interests.

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The above information is intended to be general advice only and is not a substitute for personalised advice. Because it does not consider your individual circumstances, it is not intended to be relied upon, and any loss or damage arising from any such reliance is disclaimed. Any financial or legal decisions should only occur after you have received tailored advice from a legal or financial professional.

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