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8 Best Cafés in Sunshine Coast That Are Perfect for Families (Enjoy Together)

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Where to go for coffee on the Sunshine Coast?

Is it time for a coffee yet? There is something extraordinary about coffee: it gives you a few minutes to sit down, breathe, and enjoy a moment to yourself.

For this reason, our team thought to share our 8 best child-friendly cafes on the Sunshine Coast (in no specific order) so you can grab your next fix.

Mummy’s Cafe

Mummy's Cafe

Mum’s the word on this cafe in Nirimba, Aura. This colourful cafe boasts a fantastic coastal-themed kid play area where your children can engage in creative play. You’re left to enjoy the sun out on the timber deck.

Mummy’s Cafe is a charming family-owned business. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a simple yet satisfying menu complemented by excellent coffee.

Check out Mummy’s cafe for their upcoming events.


  • Kid-friendly activities, including a mud kitchen and a fenced play area.
  • Regular events like the Beer Garden on Friday nights, featuring live music and food trucks.

Best For

It’s wonderful for families seeking a relaxing spot where kids can play safely while adults unwind and socialise.

Banjo’s Cafe

Banjo's Cafe

Across from our offices in the Kon-Tiki Business Centre, the Sunshine Coast Plaza has opened up the new high ropes course. We recommend having a coffee at Banjo’s. Its proximity to the high ropes course allows you to take photos under the shade whilst enjoying a coffee.

Kids burning some energy, and you getting a moment of peace? That’s a win in our books! The cafe boasts amazing food. It offers savouries, sweets, and coffees in a modern setting, baked fresh daily.


  • A wide array of baked goods, including pies, pastries, and bread, all made in-house.
  • Catering services with various platters for any event, enhancing convenience for party and event planners.

Best For

It is perfect for those who appreciate freshly baked goods and a hearty meal in a cozy atmosphere. Individuals seeking reliable catering options will love it.

Pocket Espresso Bar

Pocket Espresso Bar

The Pocket Espresso Bar at Moffat Beach is a vibrant community hub. It offers fresh, local produce and exceptional coffee in a scenic beachfront location. The location embodies the essence of coastal living with a perfect morning coffee.


  1. A menu packed with fresh, flavoursome food, emphasising local coastal business collaborations.
  2. A welcoming space for live music, events, and community gatherings, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Best For

It’s perfect for beach lovers and Sunshine Coast locals seeking a friendly, lively cafe experience with top-notch coffee and food.

Cafe Vie

Cafe Vie

Cafe Vie in Buderim is a standout plant-based cafe. It offers inventive vegan twists on cafe classics. The cafe has a welcoming atmosphere and is committed to animal welfare through its support of Mini Tails Sanctuary.

It has a diverse menu with gluten-free options for your dietary needs. Come along if you want good food and good coffee.


  • A creative menu featuring vegan versions of traditional dishes, like the Veggs benedict with salmon.
  • A selection of cabinet baked goods and a shop section with take-home goodies.

Best For

It’s great for vegans, anyone interested in plant-based dining, and patrons who appreciate supporting businesses with a cause.

The Velo Project

The Velo Project

The Velo Project at Mooloolaba has a Little Harry’s Club unicorn chino and milk bottles that will make any little kid’s heart sing! You’ll find a shaded kids’ area out the back with enough toys to keep your children busy while you sip.

It is so good that you may skip the coffee and join the imaginative fun. It’s a perfect spot for those who value environmental consciousness alongside delicious cuisine. It offers fun twists on menu favourites like the classic eggs benedict.


  • A diverse menu catering to various dietary needs, featuring fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Specialised catering services for events like office functions, weddings, and birthday celebrations, offering customisable menus.

Best For

It suits eco-conscious diners and anyone looking for a versatile venue combining excellent food and sustainability.

Chalet and Co.

Chalet and Co.

Chalet and Co. is a beloved beachfront cafe at Sunrise Beach. It’s known for its stunning sea views, fresh and seasonal menu, and excellent coffee. It’s a local favourite for those who enjoy dining with the sound of waves in the background.


  • A diverse dine-in menu featuring fresh, local ingredients, with dishes ranging from savoury to sweet.
  • A welcoming atmosphere for all, including sandy feet and paws, emphasising their community and pet-friendly vibe.

Best For

It is perfect for beach-goers and locals looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy quality food and drinks with a spectacular view.

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe, nestled in the heart of Sunshine Beach, is a daily stop for locals. It offers a wide range of delicious breakfast and lunch options, including hearty meals and refreshing drinks, all in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


  • An extensive menu includes breakfast classics, gourmet burgers, and fresh bowls, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences.
  • A selection of hot and cold beverages, including specialty lattes, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices.

Best For

It is ideal for those seeking a casual yet satisfying dining experience. This is whether you’re craving a fulfilling breakfast, a nutritious lunch, or a great cup of coffee.

Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster located in Melbourne and Noosa. It’s dedicated to crafting high-quality blends and single-origin coffees. They offer a unique range of coffee tools and equipment, catering to coffee enthusiasts and professionals.


  • A variety of coffee subscriptions tailored to different preferences, ensuring customers always have access to fresh, quality coffee.
  • A selection of espresso blends and single-origin coffees roasted to highlight their unique profiles and flavours.

Best For

Coffee lovers looking for exceptional blends or single-origin roasts. Those interested in enhancing their coffee experience with specialised tools and equipment.


Coffee is a vital part of many parents’ daily routines. Fortunately, Sunshine Coast is home to some of Australia’s best cafes. With such a wide range of options, it’s hard to choose just a few, but we think you’ll love our selection.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations!

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