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Why Do You Need Mental Toughness During the Divorce Process? (#75Hard Programme)

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Divorce is a draining experience. It can affect you mentally and emotionally and even impact your physical health. During this challenging time, it’s vital to find ways to preserve your mental health. Learning to develop mental toughness helps to strengthen your resolve and make the tough times easier.

There are many options for developing mental strength. We’d like to introduce you to the 75 Hard Programme in this article. This program introduces participants to various objectives to foster physical and mental growth. If you want to achieve the resilience of the most mentally tough athletes, this program is for you.

The Challenges of Divorce

There are many challenges brought about by divorce. Here are some significant problems people often face after divorce.

Low Self-Esteem

Many people enter marriage with the expectation of a lifelong partnership. When a marriage ends, it can feel like a personal failure, leading to self-doubt and questioning one’s abilities to maintain relationships. Post-divorce, individuals might compare themselves unfavourably to their ex-spouse, especially if they think they’re ‘doing better’ post-divorce or to others who are still in relationships. Also, the prospect of entering new relationships can be daunting post-divorce. Fear of rejection or comparison to their previous relationship can further erode self-confidence.


Fear of the Unknown

The fear of making wrong decisions post-divorce, especially those affecting children or financial matters, can be paralysing, leading to indecision or poor choices. The uncertainty of navigating social situations as a newly single person can lead to social withdrawal or avoidance. Also, divorce can lead to self-doubt about one’s judgment, choices, and capabilities, especially in forming future relationships.

Loss of Identity

Marriage often shapes a person’s sense of self. When the relationship ends, it can disrupt this self-concept, leading to uncertainty about who they are outside of the partnership. Individuals may struggle with the transition from being a spouse to being single. This change can affect their sense of purpose and place in the world. Also, losing connections with in-laws, mutual friends, or social groups that were part of the married life can contribute to a sense of identity loss.

Developing mental toughness with 75 Hard

What’s involved?

75 Hard, developed by Andy Frisella, the founder of 1st Phorm, has a set of criteria that must all be completed daily for 75 days without fail. There’s no room for excuses. You must be all in if you choose to take up the programme. This is because the program emphasises the importance of self-accountability in developing mental toughness. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Follow a diet designed for your self-improvement.
  • Complete two non-consecutive 45-minute workouts. At least one must take place outdoors.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or cheat meals.
  • Drink 1 gallon (3.7L) of water.
  • Read ten pages of a self-improvement book. The book may teach you a new skill or help you improve your lifestyle. The focus is on learning something new. AUDIOBOOKS DO NOT COUNT.
  • Take a progress picture.

To remind you, this programme must be completed EVERY DAY. If you fail even one of the criteria on just one day, you must begin again on day one. This programme may seem impossible, but that is the whole point. If you think it’s tough, Andy Frisella agrees this is precisely why you should embark on 75hard. Here are some benefits you stand to gain.

75Hard Program Disclaimer: We advise all participants to consult a healthcare professional before starting the 75Hard program. Participation is at your own risk. Shanahan Family Law does not endorse or affiliated with this program. Results vary, and adherence to Australian laws and health guidelines is essential.

gorgeous blonde woman in the gym

Improved self-esteem

After a divorce, people can feel a sense of personal failure. One of the significant benefits of 75 Hard is the sense of accomplishment it offers. This is supported by progress pictures that show you how far you’ve come.

The programme requires consistent effort and discipline. This should provide you with a sense of earned confidence. The rigorous nature of it can translate into life skills that help you confidently tackle other problems. Achieving your own goals can also eliminate the tendency of some to compare themselves to others unfavourably.

Facing the unknown

The disciplined routine of 75 Hard provides structure and stability during a time that can often feel chaotic and unpredictable. Focusing on exercise and personal development can help prevent the onset of physical or mental illness during a stressful time.

By committing to and achieving daily goals, divorcees can regain a sense of control over their lives. You can also channel energy and emotions that the uncertainties of post-divorce life might otherwise consume.

Sense of identity

Your mental wellness can affect your sense of purpose and identity. The ability to develop mental strength affects your chances to move on and create a new life and a new community. The 75 Hard community numbers in the tens of thousands on social media platforms like Instagram. You can reach out for support with physical exercise, maintaining good mental health and other aspects of mental resilience.

Joining the Programme

To join 75 Hard, visit 75hard.com. While it redirects to Andy Frisella’s website, it’s part of his broader vision for personal development. Here, you can also explore the option to purchase his book, which, while not mandatory, compliments the program. Watch Andy’s free podcast episode number 208. #75HARD + #LIVEHARD: Winning The War Within & Unlocking Your Full Potential to get started.

75hard website - mental toughness programme

1st Phorm App

For additional support, consider the 1st Phorm app, My Transphormation App. It’s designed to align with your 75 Hard journey, offering tailored diet plans, workout routines, and tracking tools to keep you on course.

1st phorm app

Start your 75 Hard journey today and unveil a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.


Facing life’s challenges after divorce can be a struggle for many. Divorcees often face various emotional and mental health difficulties. With a structured and rewarding program like 75 Hard, You can overcome any challenge and move on to a better future of personal growth. Check out Andy Frisella’s podcast for more information on the 75 Hard program.

Andy Frisella

Word of warning: Andy is sincere and doesn’t hold back with his language.

We have said it before and will say it again.

75Hard Program Disclaimer: We advise all participants to consult a healthcare professional before starting the 75Hard program. Participation is at your own risk. Shanahan Family Law does not endorse or affiliated with this program. Results vary, and adherence to Australian laws and health guidelines is essential.

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