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Maximising the Benefits of Family Law Litigation Funding with Justfund (Our Partnership)

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Maximising the Benefits of Family Law Litigation Funding with Justfund

Shanahan Family Law has proudly partnered with Justfund to offer our clients greater financial independence, particularly through family law litigation funding. This partnership will enable our clients to access the legal assistance they deserve to settle their family law matters without the burden of immediate financial constraints.

Who is Justfund?

Justfund provides an innovative new approach to helping clients pay legal bills. They are Australia’s first and only dedicated family law finance provider. They work with leading family law firm partners across Australia to offer assistance with legal fees. This is a game-changer for those in a financially difficult position.

People struggle with accessing legal services for many reasons.

For example, a financially dependent spouse experiencing family violence may seek assistance removing themselves from that environment. However, their financial dependence severely limits their options.



Justfund takes the stress out of seeking financial relief. Their services simplify access to legal funding for financially disadvantaged parties. Here’s how it works.


Once you’ve partnered with one of Justfund’s law firms, they will apply for your funding. The application process takes just 20 minutes. Clients don’t have to worry about any impact on their credit score.


Justfund will assess your eligibility for their services based on essential information. You will typically receive a response within a week.


Once approved, Justfund will set up a line of credit for you. Your family lawyer will send invoices to you, and we’ll cover them.


Repayment isn’t necessary until your family matter has been resolved. You’re only required to repay the credit you used as a lump sum.


Clients must meet certain criteria to be able to access funding through Justfund.

What is your family law matter?

Justfund’s services only cover matters related to property settlements. Unfortunately, Justfund cannot cover cases that only involve parenting arrangements. However, if you’re organising parenting and property matters simultaneously, Justfund can assist.

Are there eligible assets?

Justfund can only approve funding for clients with sufficient equity in their asset pool. Justfund can account for the following assets:

  • Real estate.
  • Funds in a solicitor or conveyancer’s trust account pending an agreement.
  • Independently valued businesses.

Who’s your solicitor?

Justfund can only work with clients working with Justfund accredited family law specialists. Justfund can introduce you to one of their experienced law firms if you haven’t arranged legal representation yet.

Other relevant factors

Justfund assesses the unique circumstances of each case. Some of the factors Justfund may look at include:

  • How much credit is needed relative to the amount expected from the settlement.
  • How the client will repay the credit.
  • Any issues that may limit a client’s ability to make repayments.

You can take a quick two-minute survey if you’re unsure whether you meet these requirements.

justfund eligibility for family law litigation funding

Justfund’s values

Justfund’s core values are a big reason we felt they fit our firm perfectly.


Justfund’s primary concern is enabling clients to face the financial challenges of family law issues confidently. They understand that the stress of being unable to handle a legal and financial burden adds to an already anxious situation.


Justfund will always operate straightforwardly and transparently. Open and honest communication is what fosters a healthy client relationship. Clients can actively participate in the legal process When they understand their financial position and the available options.


Justfund acts with integrity when approaching the challenges faced by clients. They focus on fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


As finance specialists, they want to provide innovative solutions to difficult legal matters. Flexible arrangements can be critical to helping those unable to afford upfront fees.

The need for financing solutions

Financial hardship is a perennial issue in all legal fields, especially family law. A family lawyer facing challenges with funding has an impossible task. Family lawyers are human beings with loved ones, and it pains us to meet people struggling with legal issues and a lack of options. The last thing we want to do is turn someone away who needs help. Lawyers do their best by managing deferred fee arrangements and negotiating payment plans.

Financial instability causes many problems in the legal process.

Sub-optimal results

When parties don’t have the financial capacity to afford competent legal assistance, they’re often forced to navigate the legal system alone. The Family Court merger in 2021 has made it easier for people to handle their cases by themselves, but that’s not recommended.

In property settlements, parties can be coerced into unfair divisions and lose their proper entitlement. This can have long-term implications for people at a financial disadvantage. For example, people who sacrificed their careers after marriage can face a precarious situation in the event of a divorce.

Cash flow and administrative difficulties

Lawyers want to do everything they can to work with a client’s financial circumstances. Sometimes, this can create difficulties. Offering options like deferred fees can help to expand a firm’s client base and potentially increase client retention. However, firms can face cash flow problems when it defers its fees. It gets worse if a case takes longer to resolve than initially thought.

The administrative burden of tracking deferred payments can be significant. It may even require the firm to take on new employees to handle the added paperwork.

Law Firm Billing Practices


Justfund was an obvious choice for our firm. Their values and client-first approach mirrors our dedication to getting justice for parties needing legal help. Once approved for funding, Justfund opens up more opportunities for people to work with an experienced lawyer. Clients can be more confident that their concerns will be resolved effectively, and lawyers can expand their client base and remove unnecessary administrative red tape.

If you would like to access Justfund’s services for your property matter, Shanahan Family Law can help as a partnered firm. Contact our office for a free discovery call. 

If you need help with family law matters, contact us for a free discovery call.

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