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Why Our Family Law Services Approach Is the Best Choice for You?

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At Shanahan Family Law, we are passionate about working with clients to find optimal solutions for them. Our family law approach prioritise our clients’ concerns with care and compassion. Here are some ways on how we helped our clients.

1. Emotional support

Dianne showed me kindness and compassion and really fought for myself and my family.

– Sharni

hands holding each other for support

The importance of emotional support during family law disputes cannot be understated. Shanahan Family Law prioritises emotional sensitivity in all interactions with clients. This is crucial for many reasons.

The personal nature of family law matters

Family law cases delve into the most intimate areas of a person’s life. This personal nature makes it crucial for lawyers to be sensitive to their client’s emotional needs. Building a trusting relationship is key. Clients are more likely to share essential details when they feel understood and supported. This forms the foundation of a strong case.

Navigating emotional dynamics

The emotional state of clients can influence the course of negotiations and mediation. Lawyers attuned to their client’s emotions can navigate discussions. They can prevent conflicts and foster amicable resolutions. This sensitivity is particularly vital in cases involving future co-parenting. It sets a positive tone for post-settlement interactions.

Mitigating stress

The legal process is stressful. A lawyer’s understanding and empathy can greatly alleviate this stress. This ensures clients feel heard and supported. This involves providing emotional support alongside legal guidance. This will help clients navigate the process with less anxiety and more clarity.

Impact Beyond the Verdict

The influence of a family law case extends beyond the courtroom. A lawyer’s emotional sensitivity during the process can affect the client’s ability to move forward after the case.

2. Clear communication

I found their team very patient when challenges occured and kept me informed at all times.

– Diana Homer

a lawyer do a good family law approach to his client

Family law issues are often complex and challenging to understand. Many clients have little to no experience with family law proceedings. Our family lawyers focus on communicating the process clearly and understandably. This helps us achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

Empowering Clients

When lawyers communicate effectively, clients can better engage with their case. Understanding the legal proceedings and what’s expected of them empowers clients. This gives them a sense of control during a potentially tumultuous time.

Building Trust

Clear and transparent communication fosters trust with our clients. When clients feel their lawyer is forthcoming and understandable, the lawyer-client relationship strengthens. This is crucial for a smooth legal process.

Enhancing Case Efficiency

Effective communication streamlines our legal services. Clients should understand what’s required of them and the next steps. This reduces delays.

Do you need legal assistance with your family law matter?

3. Transparent pricing

Luke explained the process and was upfront with costs (which were fixed).

– Tania Green

good and transparent pricing

Transparent pricing is the cornerstone of any reputable family law firm. A lack of clear pricing structures leads to distrust in your clients

Facilitating Informed Decision Making

Clear pricing information allows clients to make informed decisions regarding their legal representation and the services they utilise. It enables them to weigh the cost against the potential benefits. This ensures their decisions align with their financial circumstances and goals.

Reducing Disputes Over Fees

Clear communication about pricing can prevent disputes over legal fees. When clients understand the cost structure from the beginning, they are less likely to contest fees or feel overcharged, leading to smoother client-lawyer interactions and fewer grievances.

Aligning Expectations

Being upfront about costs helps align expectations between the lawyer and the client. It ensures that both parties have a mutual understanding of the scope of services and the costs. This reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.


Some people may want someone to provide free legal advice. Services like Legal Aid or the family relationship advice line can significantly help. If you need an advocate to support you through family law proceedings, Shanahan has the experience to assist. You may be dealing with property or parenting proceedings or family violence concerns.

We are committed to providing family dispute resolution opportunities and reducing costs.

If you need help with family law matters, contact us for a free discovery call.

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Shanahan Family Law, founded in 2009, focuses on delivering positive outcomes for clients by listening, caring, and tailoring services to individual needs. Let us help you find a positive outcome.

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Luke Shanahan Family Law

Luke Shanahan


Luke Shanahan is the Principal Solicitor of Shanahan Family Law. Luke has been practising family law since 2008 and started his firm in 2014. He has three beautiful daughters and a supportive, gorgeous wife. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing tennis and trips to the beach with family and friends. 

Luke is dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation for his clients. His experience and passion for family law set him apart from other solicitors. You only have to read their 5-star reviews to understand that.

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