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The Benefit of Building Strong Legal Partnerships with Family Law Clients

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As the year draws to a close, it’s a time for reflection, especially for our family law clients involved in ongoing family law matters and a time to express our thanks. This season often brings introspection about our chosen paths and partnerships.

Understanding the Value of an Established Relationship with Family Law Clients

A deep understanding between a client and their legal team is invaluable in family law, where personal stories and intricate details are pivotal. This connection, built over time, enables the creation of tailored strategies deeply aligned with your unique situation and goals.

Continuity: A Path to Effective Outcomes

Consistency offers continuity in strategy and approach, particularly important in the often-protracted nature of family law. Creating too much change can potentially cause delays and extra costs. A longstanding legal team brings a strategic advantage, fostering a cohesive and informed approach to your case.

Navigating Complexities with Informed Insight

As with any ongoing relationship, over time, we develop a good grasp of the nuances in your case. This insight is key to efficiently managing challenges, anticipating potential issues, and acting proactively. Such depth of understanding aids in effectively guiding your case towards a favourable resolution.

A Shared Commitment to Your Best Interests

The core of any solicitor-client relationship is a shared commitment to your best interests. This extends beyond professional duty; it’s about a partnership where your experiences and perspectives are integral to every decision. Shanahan Family Law is committed to advocating for your rights and aims to achieve the best possible outcome.

Reflecting on the Journey Ahead

As we reflect on the year that was and look towards the future, we appreciate the value and importance of our strong, understanding, and committed legal partnership with our clients and the privilege we have in serving their needs.

family law clients - review "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and effort you went to yesterday to get a good result for the kids and I. I went home and hugged them so tight and had capacity to listen intently to all their stories about their day and endless chatter about who knows what and I noticed a quiet inside me, that allowed a space for contentness. You guys afforded me that. With all the hard work so far you have allowed for that space inside me, to be filled with happiness and safety. For hopes and dreams about our future. I am really grateful that you kept pushing for us, well beyond the time frame that we were given and well beyond breakfast, lunch and almost dinner!  The kids and I have a more secure future thanks to you."

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Luke Shanahan Family Law

Luke Shanahan


Luke Shanahan is the Principal Solicitor of Shanahan Family Law. Luke has been practising family law since 2008 and started his firm in 2014. He has three beautiful daughters and a supportive, gorgeous wife. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing tennis and trips to the beach with family and friends. 

Luke is dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation for his clients. His experience and passion for family law set him apart from other solicitors. You only have to read their 5-star reviews to understand that.

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