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Client Success Stories: How Shanahan Family Law Produces Positive Results In Divorce Cases?

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Client testimonials offer invaluable insights into a law firm’s performance and client satisfaction. Shanahan Family Law, a trusted Sunshine Coast firm, stands out through our clients’ feedback, especially in handling divorce cases. This article delves into what these testimonials reveal about our approach to client relations, service effectiveness, fee transparency, and overall client experience. Analysing real client stories shows Shanahan Family Law’s commitment to excellent service in family legal matters.

The importance of compassion in the divorce process -Tracy McNamara

In 2023, we worked with Tracy McNamara to resolve her family law concerns at a difficult time. Dealing with legal matters can be a lonely and challenging experience. Many clients feel they find themselves lost in the system and confused. This case shows that empathy and compassion are central to Shanahan’s approach. As Luke Shanahan says: “Humans are not numbers“. Shanahan Family Law always connects with clients on a human level to understand their concerns and what solutions they need.

First impressions

“I was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning with my experience with Shanahan’s Family Law, from the reception staff at Shanahan’s, who were lovely and tentative and at how comfortable and at ease Danielle O’Connor from Shanahan Family Law made me feel from our very first phone consult.”

– Tracy McNamara

Tracy McNamara’s first encounter with Shanahan Family Law set a tone of professionalism and empathy. This is crucial in any legal journey. When she connected with our reception staff, Katrina, Tracy experienced warmth and attentiveness. This can be rare in legal settings. This initial interaction, marked by kindness, immediately put her at ease. It signalled that our firm values client comfort and care.

Her subsequent phone consultation with our Senior Family Lawyer, Danielle O’Connor, reinforced this positive impression. Danielle’s approach was not just professional but also reassuring. This affirmed her commitment to Tracy’s case. This assurance that she worked tirelessly for Tracy’s best interest was pivotal in building her trust.

First impressions in legal services are critical. They lay the foundation for a trusting client-lawyer relationship. These early interactions are significant for clients like Tracy, who is facing stressful family law issues. They provide comfort and instil confidence in the firm’s ability to handle their case effectively. A client should feel understood and supported from the outset. They will more likely engage positively throughout their legal journey. Shanahan Family Law’s approach exemplifies how initial interactions can impact a client’s experience and perception of their representation.

family law agreement

Going to court

Navigating the complexities of a court hearing can be daunting. Shanahan Family Law understands this well, especially in Tracy’s case. Despite their emphasis on mediation, sometimes court appearances are inevitable, often heightening client anxiety. Tracy’s journey involved multiple court visits, each potentially intensifying her stress.

“Danielle constantly reassured me that she had things taken care of and not to worry about anything. She kept me calm and relaxed about things at a time when my anxiety level was very high.”

– Tracy McNamara

Courtrooms can be intimidating, with their formal atmosphere and complex legal procedures. Clients may feel overwhelmed, needing to grasp the proceedings fully. This adds to their apprehension. Recognising this, Shanahan Family Law prioritises clear, consistent communication with clients. Keeping clients informed every step of the way demystifies the process, reducing fear and confusion.

“Watching Danielle work with such competency, multi-tasking whilst also listening to me at the same time was also very reassuring, her interactions with the Magistrate, other solicitors and the way she carries herself is also inspiring to watch.”

– Tracy McNamara

Professionalism in interactions with opposing counsel and the Magistrate is essential. This ensures a respectful and efficient legal process. This approach not only maintains a calm environment but also prevents unnecessary conflicts. This eases the client’s journey. Clients take comfort in knowing our legal team handles their matters competently. This allows them to focus on personal well-being rather than procedural complexities.

Shanahan’s commitment to professionalism and client communication in court settings reflects their dedication to client care. This is true even in the most challenging circumstances. This approach supports clients like Tracy through difficult times and upholds the integrity of the legal process.

SFL - Can a Case Be Reopened After Being Closed?

Fee structure

“Danielle was also very understanding of monetary issues and did her best at all times to keep costs at a minimum for me, which I also appreciated a great deal.”

– Tracy McNamara

Family law matters have the potential to incur high costs. Some costs clients may face in addition to divorce attorney fees include:

  • Family Court fees;
  • Marriage certificate replacement;
  • Marriage certificate translation if married overseas;
  • Divorce application filing fee.

This demands a sensitive approach from lawyers towards client finances. Family lawyers must align their strategies with the financial realities of their clients. This will avoid increasing a client’s burdens. Some ways Shanahan Family Law can minimise costs to their clients are the following:

  1. Prioritising mediation over litigation. Mediation often resolves disputes more efficiently and cost-effectively than court battles.
  2. Encouraging negotiation and settlement. Negotiated settlements can significantly reduce the time and expense of prolonged court proceedings.
  3. Offering precise, upfront cost estimates. Transparency in billing helps clients plan financially and reduces surprises.
  4. Regularly reviewing the case strategy. Adapting strategies to avoid unnecessary legal actions can decrease costs.

Divorce lawyers can also advise clients on their options regarding financial support, like financial hardship fee waivers or reductions.

By adopting sensible practices, we work with clients like Tracy to ensure our services work best for them. By doing so, we can help ease the anxiety of financial concerns. This contributes to a better client journey and experience.

Divorce cases fees

Do you need legal assistance with your divorce? Our divorce lawyers are here to help.

Client focus

“I could honestly not recommend Danielle O’Connor at Shanahan enough, she even took the time to come in for my case alone whilst she was on a well-deserved leave break.”

– Tracy McNamara

In family law, where matters are often time-critical, a divorce lawyer must be dedicated to achieving positive outcomes. The Shanahan Family Law team exemplifies this commitment. We understand the time-sensitive nature of these cases. Our punctuality and availability are vital in managing and organising matters efficiently. This prevents crucial deadlines from being missed. Shanahan Family Law ensures cases are handled promptly.

This dedication not only aids in achieving favourable legal outcomes but also builds client trust and confidence. Knowing their case is in diligent hands, clients can feel a sense of relief and support during challenging times. The Shanahan team’s focus on availability and client care is crucial to our family law practice.

SFL - law 2

Achieving the right outcomes

“Our case is now over with an amazing win ( THANKYOU DANIELLE).”

– Tracy McNamara

Tracy’s case was a victory. We are deeply invested in our clients’ successes. Achieving the result Tracy hoped for was a professional accomplishment and a personal joy for the team.

This win signifies more than just a legal victory. It marks a new beginning for Tracy. Shanahan’s commitment to her case enabled her to turn a page and move forward with her life. We are thrilled with the legal success and witnessing Tracy’s ability to embark on a fresh chapter.

best family lawyers customer satisfaction


Tracy’s case demonstrates Shanahan Family Law’s approach. The stress of family law matters requires compassion and understanding. Shanahan is always client-focused, from all-important first impressions to professional support during court appearances. Doing everything possible to make the client journey easier, we will work to achieve your desired outcome.

Whether you’re dealing with child custody cases, a divorce hearing, child support, or other issues, Shanahan Family Law is here. 

If you need help with family law matters, contact us for a free discovery call.

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Luke Shanahan is the Principal Solicitor of Shanahan Family Law. Luke has been practising family law since 2008 and started his firm in 2014. He has three beautiful daughters and a supportive, gorgeous wife. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing tennis and trips to the beach with family and friends. 

Luke is dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation for his clients. His experience and passion for family law set him apart from other solicitors. You only have to read their 5-star reviews to understand that.

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