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Understand The Consequences and High Cost of Delaying Family Law Matters

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In family law, taking timely and decisive action is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. The cost of indecision can often be financially and emotionally taxing, affecting your ability to move forward positively. Understanding the implications of inaction is crucial as you contemplate the next steps in resolving your family law matter.

The Financial Implications of Delaying Family Law Matter

Time is a critical factor in legal matters. Delays often lead to prolonged proceedings, which can escalate legal costs significantly. By taking decisive action early, you can potentially reduce these costs, simplifying your case and allowing for a more efficient resolution. Our team specialises in streamlining processes, ensuring your matter is handled efficiently reducing unnecessary financial burdens.

Emotional Toll of Prolongation

Beyond the financial aspect, the emotional toll of a drawn-out legal process can be substantial. Family law issues, by nature, are deeply personal and can impact your well-being. Prolongation due to indecision can exacerbate stress, uncertainty, and emotional strain. Taking decisive action can bring a sense of control and progress, reducing these emotional costs and aiding your journey towards healing and closure.

Moving Forward with Purpose

Inaction can stall your life in ways that extend beyond the legal sphere. Decisive steps towards resolving your legal matter can empower you to start planning and moving forward with your life. Our team is dedicated to helping clients like you transition into this new phase with confidence and clarity.

Our Commitment to You

Our practice is committed to guiding you through this process with expertise, empathy, and efficiency. We understand the nuances of family law and the importance of taking timely action. We aim to help you resolve your matter as quickly and effectively as possible, so you can focus on rebuilding and moving forward positively.

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Luke Shanahan Family Law

Luke Shanahan


Luke Shanahan is the Principal Solicitor of Shanahan Family Law. Luke has been practising family law since 2008 and started his firm in 2014. He has three beautiful daughters and a supportive, gorgeous wife. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing tennis and trips to the beach with family and friends. 

Luke is dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation for his clients. His experience and passion for family law set him apart from other solicitors. You only have to read their 5-star reviews to understand that.

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