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Legal support when times are tough

Legal Aid Queensland provides access to justice for disadvantaged Queenslanders in the areas of family, civil and criminal law – subject to means, merits, and guidelines tests. Shanahan Family Law is a Legal Aid Queensland partner and can assist with advising your eligibility for legal aid, submit an application on your behalf, help you with […]

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Five Essential Considerations Before You Get Divorced

The separation and divorce process can be emotionally and financially challenging and failing to prepare and educate yourself may result in prolonging the process, increasing financial costs, and adding extra stress and personal conflict to the already strained situation. People often underestimate how intertwined their long-term relationships are, and it can at times be difficult […]

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Family law property settlements

If you and your partner are going through a separation or divorce, you will probably agree that it can be an emotionally and financially challenging time.  Apart from organising new living arrangements, you and your partner will need to organise how to divide your properly and assets.  It is heartening to know that quite often […]

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Can a case be reopened?

The Court will, in certain circumstances, exercise its discretion to reopen a case where the parties are awaiting a final judgment and new evidence comes to light as was the case with Stone & Clifford [2016] FCCA 2045. In this case his Honour Judge Wilson reserved his judgment after the trial which involved two children, aged […]

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Pre-nup Agreements – are they worth it?

A pre-nuptial agreement (known as a Binding Financial Agreement) is becoming more and more the norm for couples who are wanting to form a long-lasting relationship whilst also thinking with their heads and protecting their assets. It could be considered like insurance, you may not want it but if the time comes to claim, then you’ll […]

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​Children’s care arrangements after separation

​Children’s care arrangements after separation Following a separation, parents do not have to go to court about the care arrangements for their children. As a matter of principle, we encourage our clients to reach an agreement if possible without the need to resort to the Family Law courts. One advantage in reaching an agreement is that […]

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