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Expert Advice for Divorced Couples: Our Exclusive Video Series for Paying Clients

Play Video about protecting kids
Parenting Apps for Divorced Parents and Why They are Assential
Play Video about Parenting Apps for Divorced Parents and Why They are Assential
How to split your assets when divorced
Play Video about How to split your assets when divorced

How to split your assets when getting a divorce.

Online programs designed to improve parenting skills and family relationships

Family Relationships Online

Helping families build better relationships

Family Relationships Online is an Australian government website dedicated to providing comprehensive support and resources for families dealing with relationship issues, whether together or separated. It offers services such as counseling, family mediation, legal and financial advice, and digital tools to help families manage disputes and develop parenting plans. The website also provides information in multiple languages to ensure accessibility for diverse communities.


Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship support services across Australia, dedicated to promoting respectful relationships for individuals, families, and communities. The organization offers a wide range of programs, counseling, and advocacy efforts to improve mental health and community well-being. With a strong focus on research and policy influence, Relationships Australia works to empower all Australians to build and maintain healthy, respectful relationships.

Relationships Australia

The Human Improvement Project is a research-driven organization that enhances well-being and parenting through scientifically-backed resources. It offers free apps and annual mental health screenings for children, providing practical, evidence-based interventions to improve family relationships and individual happiness. Accessible in 15 languages and used globally, the project aims to make cutting-edge psychological and pediatric research available to everyone.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Triple P Parenting is a globally recognized program offering positive parenting strategies to help parents raise confident, capable children. The website provides a variety of online courses tailored to different age groups and specific needs, including support for managing children’s anxiety and improving family dynamics. With proven benefits, Triple P equips parents with practical tools to enhance their children’s development and overall family well-being.

6 Best Helpful Books to Read When Getting a Divorce

Navigating a divorce can be daunting, but the right resources make all the difference. These six top books on divorce offer essential insights and practical advice to help you manage the emotional and legal challenges ahead. From understanding your feelings to making informed decisions, these books are invaluable guides through your journey.


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Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston
I was very happy with my experience at Shanahan Family Law. Danyelle guided me through the property settlement and a satisfactory outcome was reached. This was achieved without going to mediation or court.
Diana Homer
Diana Homer
Very professional, supportive and respectful in all communications and responsibilities. I found their team very patient when challenges occured and kept me informed at all times. Highly recommend them, for personal legal requirements.
Jodie Hickson
Jodie Hickson
Many thanks to the hard working team at Shanahan law. All such professionals.
Trace Mcnamara
Trace Mcnamara
I was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning with my experience with shanahans family law ,from the reception staff at shanahans ,who were lovely and tentative and at how comfortable and at ease Danielle O’Connor from shanahans family law made me feel from Our very first phone consult to attending court with me each time , Danielle constantly reassured me that she had things taken care of and not to worry about anything ,she kept me calm and relaxed about things at a time when my anxiety level was very high , but certainly not after meeting up with Danielle each time , Danielle was always punctual bright and cheerful and Danielles compassion for her clients shines through ,her passion for her work is very obvious , Danielle ALWAYS went out of her way to reassure me everything was ok like a long lost friend not just once but every single time without fail ,Danielle is just so lovely to be around her compassion, personality ,demeanour and easy going nature makes it a pleasant experience just being around her ,watching Danielle work with such competency ,multi tasking whilst also listening to me at the same time was also very reassuring , her interactions with the magistrate ,other solicitors and the way she Carries herself is also inspiring to watch ,I could honestly not recommend Danielle O’Connor at shanahans enough,she even took the time to come in for my case alone whilst she was on a well deserved leave break, wich I felt terrible about but am more than grateful for as it made all the difference to my case, even though our case is now over with an amazing win ( THANKYOU DANIELLE ) I feel like I am missing a friend. If you ever need a solicitor and are very stressed about a case Danielle O’Connor is definitely who I would recommend, Danielle was also very understanding of monetary issues and did her best at all times to keep costs at a minimum for me wich I also appreciated a great deal , also I would also like to mention Travis Terracall who was also very compassionate and caring and seemed to understand my situation, I wanted to let Travis know that I appreciated his empathy towards my situation at the time . It certainly helped me. If I could have give 100 stars I would . I hope both you and you partner have a very beautiful relaxed and lovely well deserved holiday break Danielle, I’m so sorry It was interrupted due to my case and again Thank you so much not just for your amazing work but your beautiful kindness and compassion . And just being you ! with much gratitude Tracy McNamara 🌸🫶😊
David Fenech
David Fenech
Highly recommend Shanahan Family Law and Lindsay Nicholson for all your family law needs.
Nathan Batley
Nathan Batley
I found this firm excellent to deal with. I had received some exorbitant quotes for executing what was really quite a straightforward matter in my case. Shanahans were prompt, professional and fairly priced. I've was very happy with their service.
Chris Mehonoshen
Chris Mehonoshen
Having experienced the sunny disposition of Danielle at Shanahan Family Law I can say that anyone would be in good hands. Danielle is very understanding and shows great insight in analysing the situation and cutting to the heart of the matter. Both Danielle and Shanahan Law are very professional and respond promptly in a care manner. Very happy with my choice there.
Nicole Mcmullen
Nicole Mcmullen
I can highly recommend Luke and his associates for their professionalism and thoughtfulness. I really didn't know what to expect when I needed the advice and assistance of a solicitor, but Luke has been extremely patient and kind in leading me through this process.
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