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Family Lawyers Mountain Creek

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Affordable Family Lawyers in Mountain Creek

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Shanahan Family Law is your local Mountain Creek family law firm, and we don’t take your needs for granted. We care about helping all our clients achieve the best result possible. We are parents too, and we have dedicated our lives to protecting the legal interests of families. We understand that dealing with a family law matter is highly emotionally taxing. You need someone to hear your concerns and advocate zealously in these troubling times. We offer comprehensive legal services tailored to your unique situation.

Front door Shanahan Family law Maroochydore office location

Entrance to Shanahan Family Law Offices.

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Shanahan Family Law
Kon-Tiki Business Centre
Suite 501, Level 5,
Tower 2/55 Plaza Parade,
Maroochydore QLD 4558, Australia

Shanahan Law family Law team | Family Lawyers Maroochydore
Specialist team Luke, Rhonda and Kate

Mountain Creek Family Lawyers

Family law is a particularly tricky area. Navigating competing interests within families is difficult and often heartbreaking. The last thing you need in these times is to get mired in extended legal drama because the family law system’s complexities get the better of you. It’s wise to seek legal advice during such times. With an experienced, friendly family lawyer, you can make your path that much easier.

Our law firm is here to help you with many aspects of family law.

Divorce proceedings

No matter what divorce issue we can help

The aftermath of relationship breaks comes with many legal concerns, especially if children are involved. But filing for a divorce doesn’t need to be long and painful. As a practice leader, Shanahan Family Law can help make all the associated considerations like parenting matters, financial, and child support arrangements as smooth as possible.

Child custody and support

Your child deserves a wonderful future

Nothing matters more than the welfare of your children. We have extensive experience working with Services Australia, formerly the Child Support Agency. We can organise child custody and support matters while protecting your children from unnecessary stress.

Parenting arrangements ideally come from an agreement to find the best balance for your kids. However, we understand that agreement may not always be possible. We will be there to ensure you find a solution that works best for your family’s well-being.

Financial arrangements

Our team will ensure you receive your equal share

Many people experience financial hardship after divorce, especially women. When negotiating financial agreements, any negotiations must respect your legal entitlements. You still have a right to a division of property, even if you didn’t make financial contributions. We can provide sensible advice on how best to achieve this.

Look no further than results-driven family lawyers Mountain Creek. We are serious when we say we care, listen, and get results. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Shanahan Family law Maroochydore Kon Tiki building

Kon Tiki Building is the main entrance to our offices.

When you come to us for help, we will:

A Message from Our Principal Luke Shanahan

When dealing with the family court system, you are often at the most vulnerable moment of your life. Managing the trauma of relationship breakups and child custody matters is hard enough. Then, you also have to work through the process of a property settlement, parenting arrangements, spousal maintenance agreements, consent orders and the like. 

None of this is ever easy. That’s why our family lawyers Mountain Creek are fully dedicated to making the entire process as smooth and pain-free as possible with solid legal representation. With our decades of combined experience in family law services, we have the best family lawyers available to offer you practical and professional advice and help you get the best outcome for you and your family.

Luke Shanahan Family Law

Principal Luke Shanahan

Our Satisfied Mountain Creek Clients

Walk away happy every time

Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston
I was very happy with my experience at Shanahan Family Law. Danyelle guided me through the property settlement and a satisfactory outcome was reached. This was achieved without going to mediation or court.
Diana Homer
Diana Homer
Very professional, supportive and respectful in all communications and responsibilities. I found their team very patient when challenges occured and kept me informed at all times. Highly recommend them, for personal legal requirements.
Jodie Hickson
Jodie Hickson
Many thanks to the hard working team at Shanahan law. All such professionals.
Trace Mcnamara
Trace Mcnamara
I was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning with my experience with shanahans family law ,from the reception staff at shanahans ,who were lovely and tentative and at how comfortable and at ease Danielle O’Connor from shanahans family law made me feel from Our very first phone consult to attending court with me each time , Danielle constantly reassured me that she had things taken care of and not to worry about anything ,she kept me calm and relaxed about things at a time when my anxiety level was very high , but certainly not after meeting up with Danielle each time , Danielle was always punctual bright and cheerful and Danielles compassion for her clients shines through ,her passion for her work is very obvious , Danielle ALWAYS went out of her way to reassure me everything was ok like a long lost friend not just once but every single time without fail ,Danielle is just so lovely to be around her compassion, personality ,demeanour and easy going nature makes it a pleasant experience just being around her ,watching Danielle work with such competency ,multi tasking whilst also listening to me at the same time was also very reassuring , her interactions with the magistrate ,other solicitors and the way she Carries herself is also inspiring to watch ,I could honestly not recommend Danielle O’Connor at shanahans enough,she even took the time to come in for my case alone whilst she was on a well deserved leave break, wich I felt terrible about but am more than grateful for as it made all the difference to my case, even though our case is now over with an amazing win ( THANKYOU DANIELLE ) I feel like I am missing a friend. If you ever need a solicitor and are very stressed about a case Danielle O’Connor is definitely who I would recommend, Danielle was also very understanding of monetary issues and did her best at all times to keep costs at a minimum for me wich I also appreciated a great deal , also I would also like to mention Travis Terracall who was also very compassionate and caring and seemed to understand my situation, I wanted to let Travis know that I appreciated his empathy towards my situation at the time . It certainly helped me. If I could have give 100 stars I would . I hope both you and you partner have a very beautiful relaxed and lovely well deserved holiday break Danielle, I’m so sorry It was interrupted due to my case and again Thank you so much not just for your amazing work but your beautiful kindness and compassion . And just being you ! with much gratitude Tracy McNamara 🌸🫶😊
David Fenech
David Fenech
Highly recommend Shanahan Family Law and Lindsay Nicholson for all your family law needs.
Nathan Batley
Nathan Batley
I found this firm excellent to deal with. I had received some exorbitant quotes for executing what was really quite a straightforward matter in my case. Shanahans were prompt, professional and fairly priced. I've was very happy with their service.
Chris Mehonoshen
Chris Mehonoshen
Having experienced the sunny disposition of Danielle at Shanahan Family Law I can say that anyone would be in good hands. Danielle is very understanding and shows great insight in analysing the situation and cutting to the heart of the matter. Both Danielle and Shanahan Law are very professional and respond promptly in a care manner. Very happy with my choice there.
Nicole Mcmullen
Nicole Mcmullen
I can highly recommend Luke and his associates for their professionalism and thoughtfulness. I really didn't know what to expect when I needed the advice and assistance of a solicitor, but Luke has been extremely patient and kind in leading me through this process.

Places of interest in Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek is fast becoming a significant hub on the Sunshine Coast and has several family law-related resources available. Here are some of the services you can find.

Legal aid Maroochydore logo

Family Law Legal Aid Mountain Creek

Legal Aid Queensland is a government-funded entity that provides legal assistance to financially disadvantaged people regarding civil, criminal and family law matters. Their services cover areas such as:


Ground Floor, M1 Building, 1 Duporth Avenue, Maroochydore, Queensland 4558


(07) 5451 6900


(07) 5451 6996

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 5pm

Family Law Court

Family Lawyers Mountain Creek

Magistrates Court, and a District Court. The courts’ locations are:

Corner Davenport and Hinze Streets, Southport

They are open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm on Monday to Friday.

Phone: 1300 352 000

Fax: (07) 5451 6996

Maroochydore Magistrates Courthouse
Queensland Magistrates Court Brisbane

Magistrates Court of Queensland

The court for minor offences

The Magistrates Court is the first level of the Queensland court system. It is where most criminal and civil court cases first appear. The Magistrates Court has no jury; instead, the Magistrate will make determinations, as well as any penalties.

The Magistrates Court hears cases of varying seriousness, from minor traffic infringements to burglary and assault. It will also hear minor family law matters, domestic violence cases, and applications for child protection orders. Contact us if you’re seeking a committed family violence lawyer.

Any non-urgent domestic family violence intervention orders are heard on Tuesdays, though the court hears urgent orders daily. Any contraventions of a domestic violence order come before the court on the second Friday of each month, and children’s court matters take place every Wednesday.

District Court of Queensland

Dealing with serious crime

The District Court is the tier above the Magistrates Court and hears more serious offences that have already passed through the Magistrates Court. Criminal proceedings occur before a jury, while civil cases are handled only by the judge. The District Court will also hear appeals of decisions made in the Magistrates Court.

District Court of Queensland

Children's Court of Queensland

Family violence protection act

Magistrates Court affairs concerning minors occur within specialised proceedings known as the Children’s Court. Cases brought before the Children’s Court are always closed to the public to protect the juvenile’s identity.

The Children’s Court deals with matters such as offences juveniles have allegedly committed, applications to protect children from harm, and proceedings to provide for a child’s long-term care.

At the District Court level, the Children’s Court of Queensland (CCQ) hears matters involving juveniles. This level presides over criminal offences in an open court unless the judge orders the court to be closed. The CCQ may also preside over appeals against child protection orders implemented by a magistrate.


Mediation Services in Maroochydore

Dealing with serious crime

Family Mediation Brisbane is a mediation provider that operates in Maroochydore and surrounding areas. Their nationally accredited mediators offer family dispute resolution solutions that can be formalised as legally binding agreements at an affordable cost.

They can help clients, both married couples and those in a de facto relationship, develop parenting plans, financial agreements, child support agreements, and more. They can also assist with drafting documentation such as consent orders for submission to the family courts.

Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

Suncoast Community Legal Service

Suncoast Community Legal Service (SCLS) provides free legal advice on family law issues to people in disadvantaged positions. They can offer advice on various areas, including family law, domestic violence concerns, child safety, and more.

They also have experience with elder abuse prevention, tenancy issues, and matters of immigration law.

SCLS is very sensitive to their client’s privacy, and their staff and volunteers always treat personal details with complete confidentiality.

Their head office is in the TAFE Building, 170 Horton Parade, Maroochydore.

Phone: (07) 5376 7800.

Website: www.suncoastcommunitylegal.org/

The Sunshine Coast Domestic and Family Violence Service System Coordination Service is part of the Queensland Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Strategy.

As part of the strategy, two coordinators form part of the Queensland Police Service Vulnerable Persons Unit. These coordinators collaborate with core partner agencies and a broader network of service providers to meet their objectives.

Suppose you need access to qualified counsellors who can provide practical support pathways. In that case, DV Connect is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DV Connect Womensline: 1800 811 811

DV Connect Mensline: 1800 600 636

A variety of services attending to the needs of domestic violence victims, children, and anyone else in need of access to resources such as counselling and emergency accommodation can visit: Sunshinecoastdfvcoordination.com.au

The Queensland Law Society (QLS) is the highest representative body for the Queensland legal profession. QLS is a passionate advocate for just laws that serve the public good and provide a voice for solicitors and the legal profession.

QLS works alongside the government, the public, and legal professionals on matters of importance to the legal domain, read more about it here.

Shanahan Family Law is a proud QLS member. As family law experts, we practise according to the highest professional standards legislation. We provide practical advice and zealous legal representation to our highly satisfied customers.

Website: qls.com.au

Women’s Legal Service QLD provides free legal advice to women on matters concerning domestic violence and sexual violence. They also offer a clinic for women needing assistance completing a divorce application and provide discrete advice to women undergoing mediation.

Women’s Legal Service social workers also offer emotional support to victims of domestic violence. These women may also be going through separation, divorce, or child-related concerns.

Statewide legal advice helpline: 1800 957 957

Rural, regional and remote legal advice line: 1800 457 117

Website: www.wlsq.org.au

Family Relationship Centres can assist with relationships at all stages, from the beginning of a relationship to dealing with existing relationship issues and resolving the end of a relationship.

A Family Relationship Centre can work with you to understand your options and provide the best solution for your children. If necessary, joint mediation sessions are available to form a parenting arrangement with your former partner. Staff may refer you to services that can provide specialised counselling for family law issues.

Website: www.Familyrelationships.gov.au

Divorce proceedings can encompass several different areas of family law. You may need to work with your lawyer to create financial arrangements, organise child custody, and other parenting considerations. Depending on your assistance, a divorce lawyer’s cost can vary widely.

At Shanahan Family Law, our standard rates for divorce applications are as follows:

  • Preparing a joint divorce application: $660

  • Preparing a sole divorce application: $1100

  • Preparing a sole divorce application if the other party’s location is unknown: $1980

If the application includes a court appearance, a fee of $940 will also apply.

A cheap lawyer does not necessarily mean it will cost you less and is usually cheap for one reason. They may lack the necessary skills and experience, or their service model may require high client turnover. We also agree that an expensive lawyer might cost you more, but they should not. An experienced lawyer will find ways to save you money and will most likely find a resolution to your family law matters quicker.

Mountain Creek family lawyers fees can vary according to experience. They maybe as follows:

  • cheap $150 per hour
  • affordable $300 per hour
  • premium $400 plus per hour

Of course, our goal is to ensure that your legal matters are dealt with professionally and promptly. Ultimately we want you to walk away happy every time, which also means financially. 

Contact us for free consultation about your current circumstances if you require a divorce lawyer.

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