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"And rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."
- J.K. Rowling​
Going through a divorce

Whether you are consciously uncoupling or fighting over every last thing, divorce is a difficult experience.

It draws upon your emotions and can drain your energy. It can have a major impact on your financial, physical, and psychological health. Working with the best divorce lawyers on the Sunshine Coast can alleviate much of the pressure while helping to keep things in perspective and ensure that you are treated in a fair and equitable manner. Our 98% success rate will help give you peace of mind.


If you and your spouse have children together and they are still dependent, then there will be various issues that will need to be settled. At Shanahan Family Law, we believe that children must be protected during the process in order to ensure that they have a secure environment after the relationship ends.

For a divorce lawyer, children’s issues are the most important issues that we will assist you with. You and your spouse will be responsible for various important issues such as child support, who the children will live with and who they will spend time with.

Disputes can be resolved by the parties entering into a Parenting Plan that determines the day-to-day responsibilities, as well as a time sharing schedule, a holiday schedule and parental responsibility over the major issues affecting a child’s life, such as, their education, religious upbringing, medical attention and extra curricular activities.

Going through Divorce with children
Assets and debts during divorce

Assets and debts

Affordable family lawyers at the law offices of Shanahan Family Law are experienced at assisting parties to understand their rights and responsibilities in association with the assets and debts that are related to relationships.

The equitable division of relationship assets, which includes the manner in which debt is handled, as well as how assets are distributed, is important along with the determination of what may be considered a relationship asset.

Spousal maintenance

Spouse maintenance is financial support paid by a party to a marriage to their former husband or wife in circumstances where they are unable to adequately support themselves. If spousal maintenance is being considered in your divorce, it is highly recommended that you have astute legal counsel with experience in this area.

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